Since its very beginning, Android had the Open edge. With an ambition to rule over all mobile devices coupled with vital technologies under its belt, Its no wonder that Android today has over 550 million activations every day. From a pure mobile OS, it has found ways in coming into Set top boxes, Digital photo frames opening doors to new possibilites never witnessed before. With the power of Linux kernel running close to the hardware, the Dalvik VM powering Java apps and an extensive middleware, the possibilities of development with Android are endless.

Who Should Attend :

  •  Good C & Linux Programmers seeking a career in Android. 

  • Working Professionals from Java domain, Middleware C / C++.

  •  Students seeking a career in Embedded Systems & Android.

What will Be Outcome Of Training :

  •  The participant will be ready to do small embedded projects based on Android.

  •  Know the complete Arch. of Android & its component in each layer.

  • Able to write his own native layer module in Android.

       ( and interface to app layer using JNI ).

  •  Porting Andoird Kernel, Creating an android root file system. Flashing methods.


RuggedBoard-i.MX 6UL



Take the first step in learning Android. With our expert faculties and exhaustive content, this is one workshop giving you the edge for your next product. Have a hands-on experiment and play with real devices running Android on top of it.

Training Contents